Friday, November 14, 2014

Motivating a New Student

I had the honor of meeting with a new student and her mother yesterday. I was impressed that the daughter was learning how to play two instruments at the same time, piano and violin. It was apparent to me that the child had a passion for the piano. She eagerly played for me the songs that she had learned. But, sadly, I became well aware that she had not made much progress in developing her style, as she made many mistakes.

My job will be to encourage her to spend more time in sustained practice and not to accept mediocrity in herself. Mediocrity should not be acceptable under any circumstances. This will help the child to take much more pride in what they do anywhere they go, whether it be in school or at work. I gave her an assignment to practice playing a new song and to play it perfectly for the next lesson. She should be prepared to play the song with no mistakes. If she does well, I will award her with two metallic music stickers which she can stick to her notebook.

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