Monday, November 17, 2014

The Amazing Child Prodigies - Encouragement for Piano Students

As I was reading this article about eleven year old Ethan Bortnick, a child prodigy from the age of nine, I wondered when and how his parents discovered that he had this unique gift.
From time to time, I try to encourage children by showing them performances by children their own age to let them know it is possible to do something great at a young age. I also caution them that this kind of talent is rare. Ironically, whenever I have shown children these performances, they have used it to become inspired to play better.

Although I have never encountered a child prodigy in my classes, I have met several who had, what I call exceptional talent. They were able to learn at a more rapid pace than the other children. All of the exceptional children had problems with their behavior until they discovered that they had a passion for playing the piano. One child bullied the other children, while the others were very disruptive in class.
Consequently, whenever I meet a disruptive child in my classes, I give them time to settle down and get serious about piano. They are the ones who will lead the class during recitals.

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