Saturday, November 22, 2014

Too Old to Play Piano?

For those of you who feel it is too late to develop a talent, think again. Perhaps you believe this because it is all you hear in a world which seems to favor youthfulness.

There is no doubt that the world is changing, as mankind strives to prolong his/her life through healthy dieting and exercise. Now that we have longer life spans, we have to plan our lives accordingly. Many of us have had to change careers in midlife because of downsizing or for failure to plan for retirement. Because of this, some have decided to pursue a lifelong dream, for which now they have the time to devote to nurturing that dream.

As talented women grow older, they become “determined, committed, assertive, and are able to control their own lives.” This video of an older woman composing music on the streets is an example of such a woman. Natalie clearly is confident about her ability to compose music and has no qualms about sharing her talent with others. The composition is a beautiful representation of her talent and skill which she acquired over a number of years. It’s a great way for someone of her age to spend their time and talent.

As a piano teacher, I have had a seventy year old couple approach me about giving them piano lessons. The woman had observed her grandchild showing an interest in the piano and wanted to be able to play songs for her. The couple took the lessons together, practiced at home, and were able to play a few songs at the end of eight weeks. Their determination to play was admirable.
In conclusion, if you have a passion for the piano, or any other instrument at midlife or older, now may be the time to pursue it. Stay away from those who would frown upon this, but rather pursue it and gain some sense of self-fulfillment.

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