Sunday, March 22, 2015

Should Children Attend the Symphony?

Attending classical concerts is a great way for children to become involved in their music to gain an appreciation for the talents and works of those who have gone before them.  Depending on the age of the child, this event could greatly influence their desire to develop their talent.  

Many of the schools sponsor field trips to a symphony at special times during the year, such as Easter or Christmas as a way to enrich the children.  However, with the coming changes in school curriculum, such as the new Common Core standards, this may not be included in the curriculum.

However, parents can take their children to a symphony on their own once or twice a year, as a treat to the children.  I can remember as a child that I was fascinated by the many people in the orchestra and the instruments they were playing.  It was such an exciting event to me, because it was not something that I could experience on a regular basis in my life.  There were so many different sounds.  My favorite instrument was the xylophone.  I would watch the player intently as he/she crafted beautiful, melodious sounds from an oddly shaped instrument.  I was intrigued!

Children can also learn to appreciate classical music when they see their peers skillfully playing the same instruments.  I observed in my piano classes that the children often helped each other learn the new songs.  The children are more motivated to learn the songs as they strive to keep up with their peers.  Here is an example of a video which would influence and encourage children to develop their talents. 

If you are in California or are going to be in California on March 25, 2015, GirmaYifrrashewa, an accomplished Ethiopian pianist, is touring the United States and will be giving a concert at the Carriage House in Los Angeles, California.  Girma just released a CD entitled “Love and Peace.”  Having a Master’s degree in Piano, he specializes in the music of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.   He also plans to travel to the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club in Bethesda, Maryland on May 3, 2015 and to Joe's Pub in New York, NY on May 5, 2015. 

In conclusion, children can be greatly enriched when they attend classical concerts and symphonies from time to time.


  1. Our local symphony does a free outdoor concert every July 4th. That's a great way to introduce kids to the symphony! They also did a homeschool event this year. But I wouldn't hesitate to take a well-behaved child to the actual symphony if I had tickets.

  2. Yes with a capital Y. It is a great experience and can motivate and inspire.

  3. We love classical music at our house. I would love to take my kids to a concert like this.

  4. I use to take my oldest two to concert like that all the time and my oldest loves classical music . Unfortunately I haven't taken my youngest yet and he doesn't listen to classical much. But, I think every child should be exposed to classical music!

  5. Some of the cities and towns have nice programs for the communities to enjoy, Leslie. If the child is well-behaved, he/she may enjoy these free programs. I do not remember any child misbehaving when I went as a child on a field trip to the symphony. It tends to hold a child'd attention because of all the activity. It is never too late to expose your child, Kim. He would probably love it.