Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beyond My Imagination - Just Published!

As promised, my new Book, Beyond My Imagination is now available in paperback and on the Kindle through Amazon.  The book is for parents and pre-teens and includes some music instruction and a story for pre-teens.  I wrote the book to promote my business and to give parents some aspects on my background and experience.  I would encourage everyone to read the book to get a better understanding on the school's mission.

Because of the ability of pianists to play any instrument once they have learned how to play the piano, I am expanding the school to include the instruction of all instruments.  We currently have guitar, drum, trombone, and brass teachers.  The instruction is going to be given on-line in keeping with the digital age through webinars and on Skype.  The first webinar will be available soon.  I will be teaching chords for the playing of praise and worship and Gospel music, for those who would like to learn how to play by ear.

If you have not visited the website lately, I would encourage a visit to the library which is located in the links section.  I have added some books on the history of African American music.

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