Sunday, June 28, 2015

Destiny Africa Children to Perform

The Destiny Africa Children will perform at the Common Fence Point Music Hall, Portsmouth, RI on 7/20/2015 aspart of their I AM LOVED tour.  Sponsored by the RI Kids Create Music School, it will include singing, dancing, and African drumming.  Additionally, the children will spend time during the day working with children from the school and the local community on their singing skills and will teach the children how to play an African drum.  Lunch is included.

We at the school are looking forward to meeting and working with the children, who have remarkable stories to tell about how they were rescued from the streets of Uganda and given an opportunity to develop their talent.  Many of the children were separated from their families during wars or lost their parents due to AIDS.  The children live and attend primary school at the Kampala Center in Uganda, Africa.  However, the city needs more schools and orphanages for other children who are in need of a school to attend and a place to live.  The donations will help fund the school, orphanages, and provide medical care to the children.  Plans are underway to construct a primary school.    

To register for the event, please go here.    Thank you in advance for the support of this program.  If there are any questions, use the contact form to reach me.  Please subscribe to this blog and share it with your friends.

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