Friday, July 24, 2015

Learn How to Read Music

If you would like to learn how to play the piano, the first thing you should learn is how to read music. Learning to read music is similar to learning another language.  Actually it could be quite fun when you finally learn to read the notes and actually play a song.  Children derive the greatest satisfaction form this!

All music is written on a staff.  A staff contains five lines and four spaces.  There would be a note on the line or the space and the notes are read from the bottom to the top. and then from left to right. Here is a staff containing the lines and the spaces.  Notice that each line contains a note and each space contains a note.  These notes never change.  Therefore, we must memorize the notes on each line and each space.  The curly symbol on the left is called a treble clef or G clef because the curved part of the treble clef curves around the G line.

We would start on the bottom line and read the notes there:  E G B D F.  There is a mnemonic device,a sentence, to help you remember the letters.  The first letter of each word in the sentence
corresponds to the letters on the line.  The sentence is :  "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge."  However, because the girls are sensitive to being left out, I have cahnged the word from "Boy to "Baby."  If we examine the letters on the spaces, we will observe that the letters spell the word "space."  When we see letters written on the staff containing a treble clef, we would play these notes with the right hand.

The piano is the best instrument to use for composing music because you can actually hear all instuments on the piano.  Therefore, if you learn to read the notes on the piano for both hands, you can read the notes to play any instrument.  I am gpoing to be offering beginning lessons to read music at my website.  Sign up for piano lessons here on the Contact Me form. and receive my book free.  Limited time until August 30, 2015.  Enjoy!

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