Thursday, July 30, 2015

Music Theory 1 for Beginner Piano

Here is an infographic which can help you remember how to begin reading music.  Music is read on a staff containing five lines and four spaces.    The Top staff has a treble clef on it and the notes on this stare are played with the right hand.  These would be the higher notes.  The bottom staff has a bass clef and notes on this staff are played with the right hand.  These would be the lower notes.    To beign, memorize the lines and the spaces on each staff.  The letters denote the notes on the piano.  Learning to read music is like learning how to read another language.  To schedule lessons, use the contact form.

Lessons are $25.00 per half hour and must be paid in advance at least four lessons at a time.  I accept Pay Pal.  Lessons are held on-line through Skype or via webinar.  Students must have a keyboard with at least 65 keys, digital piano, or upright  piano.   Schedule your lesson today!

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