Thursday, July 9, 2015

Read an Exerpt from My New Book

Here is an exerpt from my new book:

"The students must know where Middle C is on the piano, because from there, they will be able to find all of the other keys, as they are in alphabetical order.  Hence, one of the prerequisites to learning how to read music is that the student must know the alphabet.  If not, it will be very difficult to teach the students the sequence in the pattern of keys.  After learning the placement of the keys on the piano and the placement of the notes on the staff, the children should strive to read a new piece of music each week, beginning with simple pieces of music.  The ultimate goal is for the students to be able to read and play any piece of music, beginning with this class."

From Beyond My Imagination.

The book is available for free as an e-book on Amazon on the Kindle and at your local library on e-Zone. Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island Libraries have the e-Zone installed on their websites.  

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