Monday, August 3, 2015

Promote My Book Tour - I Will Blog about Your Business

For all of you adults who think you are too old to learn how to play piano, here is a course just for you.  Learn how to play your favorite songs!  I am teaching lessons on-line through webinars and one-on-one through Skype.  Join me now!  Sign up and encourage your friend to sign up as well!   Lessons are $25 per half hour - must pay four weeks in advance.   There is safety in numbers.....Don't procrastinate any longer.  All you need is a keyboard, digital piano, or upright - must be tuned!  You must have an open mind.  You can do it!  Keyboards need 65 keys minimum.

Win two free lessons when you support my book tour project on Kickstarter.  I am raising money for a school building.  Please share this posting in your social networks.  I have received some book orders since I started the campaign.  I also have a GoFundMe campaign for marketing funds.  Please take a look at both campaigns and support one or both.  I appreciate it!  If you have a business, I will blog about your business if you support the Kickstarter campaign. 

I a, promoting two books - Retailers Guide to Merchant Services, and Beyond My Imagination, which contains a music program for beginning students.   Both are available online at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.  I am grateful for any support you could give me.  I appreciate my loyal readers.  Please subscribe to the blog so to get the updates.

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