Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back to School - Play Piano to Improve School Work

Going back to school can stir up emotions for students who desire to achieve good grades and in those who do not do so well.  An amazing number of children do not enjoy school at all.

If children are struggling with math or reading, they may dread their math or reading classes because they are totally confused or incapapble of solving math problems or reading their books.   Music can help in several of the areas where children are facing their greatest challenges.   Sudies have shown that children who study music have better math and reading skills.

If you are seeking ways to help your children improve in these areas, music can help students acquire cognitive skills which would greatly help them later on in life to make better decisions.  The piano, in particular, covers a wider range of music skills and would be a greater influence over students who struggle in school.

I am currently enrolling students for the new school year for piano lessons and a choral group, the RI Kids Create City Choir  If you would like to enroll, please use the contact form.  I am teaching on a concert piano for better performance at Avery Piano, Weybossett Street, Providence, RI  Students interested in learning to become concert pianists or choral singers are encouraged to enroll in my classes which are currently being held in Providence, RI.  An audition for the choral group is not reuired.  Must be 10-12 or 14 - 18, or 19 and up.  Contact me at 401-297-6681.

Enroll in seven piano classes, get one free now until the end of September.

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