Saturday, April 23, 2016

Upcoming Events - Rhythm and Keys

The RI Kids Create Community Choir will meet again this fall to rehearse the song they will sing at the Providence Bruins game at the Dunkin Donuts Center on December 11, 2016 at 3:05 pm.  If your child would like to join us, please drop me a note on the contact form.  Spaces are filing up..  Must be age 10-21 years.  Rehearsals are on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm.   Each child who sings will receive a free t-shirt, free popcorn, free hat, and free drink.  For more information, click here. 

It has been awhile since I last posted as I have been preparing for some upcoming events in Rhode Island.  I am very excited about the next three events I have scheduled and hope to be posting several more for this year.

Learn to Play Piano Chords - Bring Life to Your Music
The first takes place at Avery Piano where I am currently offering piano lessons.  Anyone who would like to learn how to play piano chords is welcomed to attend an eight week workshop where we will learn how to play  the chords and inversions so necessary to create harmony and bring more color to their music.  There is more of an opportunity to use the imagination in composing and improvising.  If you would like to write and compose songs, here is a workshop for you.  Dates and times are flexible.  No experience with piano necessary, but if you play by ear, you will enjoy this course. Please call or text for an appointmnt and then sign up at the event site.  401-297-6681.

Explorations in Watercolor Painting - Landscape Techniques
The second event is an art class in watercolor techniques.   If you and your friends would enjoy a Saturday afternoon or week night together, try this worshop in landscape techniques which includes a discussion of Edward Bannisters works.  Edward Bannister is a well-known Rhode Island landscape painter from the 19th century.  Although he worked with oils, and not watercolor, I believe you will find his experiences enlightening.  Invite your friends to your home and enjoy the discussion and workshop.  Adult and children's classes.  Host/Hostess gift included.  Please sign up at the website.  Dates and times are flexible.   Please call to schedule a class.  401-297-6681.  This will be one four hour workshop.

Rhythm and Keys

Finally,  I will be holding workshop and performance of African drum making and lessons in piano with Sidy Maiga, for children at local schools.  Children will learn how to make an African drum, while another group learns how to play piano.  The workshop ends with a drum and piano improvisation with yours truly on the piano.  Adults can book us for your own event.  If any of the schools would like to reach out and plan event for us at your school, please call Gail at 401-297-6681.

Gabriel Okara of Nigeria wrote a poem about the rhythm of an African drum and the complexity of the European piano in his literary work, "Piano and Drums."  He refers to the African "mystic rhythm" of the African drum and the "wailing piano," and the "labyrinth of its complexities" as he struggles to understand the contrasts between the two.  His point of view is very interesting, however, he probably is not giving enough credit to African rhythm, as some people do struggle with rhythm and never "get it."  At any rate, I hope that you find time to attend one of these events.  I will announce the date and time of the African Drumming workshop. 

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