Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Patterns of Chords and Intervals

Anyone who wants to learn how to compose music will benefit from a study of harmony - the patterns of chords and intervals.  This will enable the composer-to-be , the ability to create beautiful musical compositions.  There are so many variations of the chords and so many ways to combine them with other chords and intervals.

Jean-Philippe Rameau, in the early 18th century, wrote a treatise on our modern view of harmony, which sparked many debates with the lovers of  Italian style comic operas.  Rameau was a pioneer in the new style of classical harmony, which included triads and chords.  Rameau, an organist and harpsichord player, was a French composer and theorist who wrote harpsichord compositions, operas, and ballets.  His work has been a model for students and composers since his death in 1764.

I am offering a classes on chords, triads, and intervals for anyone who would be interested in adding these rich harmonies to their music,  The classes will be available at Avery Piano in Providence, RI and on-line via webinars.  I will break them down into eight week sections, as the teachings can be quite intensive, but exciting.  Anyone who plays by ear, likes to compose music, or simply wants a more intensive way of learning how to play the piano relatively quickly, will find the course very interesting.

I will work one - on one or in groups and I invite you to write me about your individual needs.  There is a charge for the course which will be broken down into eight week sessions.  There wil be separate classes for children.  I do recommend that you have access to piano or keyboard so that you can practice the lessons each day.  If you purchase a used piano, make sure it is well tuned, as the correct sounds are very important in creating compositions and playing the chords.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Use the contact form.  If you have not already done so, I invite you to join my fan page on Facebook - The RI Kids Create Music School, where you will find more information on signing up for the courses.  Please share this with your friends.